X-Banner Stand 28"W x 96"H 1 side
The X-banner stand is one of the most cost effective ways of displaying your banners and is a great way to brand and advertise indoors.
  •  They are lightweight, non-retractable and easy to assemble without tools and will fit almost anywhere.
  •  The stand utilizes the flexible X frame to create the tension required for the banner. The X-Banner’s frame stretch and expand the graphics by applying tensions on each corner of the banner (4 corners).
  •  The grommet mounts are adjustable so that a range of sizes can be fitted up to the stand’s maximum size.
  •  The X-banners are an ideal solution when the user requires to change the graphics very often. A replacement banner can be installed in seconds.
The printing, the banner stand, and the carrying case is all included.
» Size 28"W x 96"H  image area.
» As low as $99.00/each
» Create in minutes
» One side printing available
» High quality durable printing
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