Social Distance Divider 4' x 6' - With Wheels

Freestanding & Movable (Wheel) Social Distance Divider 4' x 6'

All 1" square posts metal frame, sturdy design, Made in Canada

Frame size (out side): 48"w x 72"h / Frame high (from ground level): 77.5"

» Create instant barrier between at Food court/Class room.
» 2" Heavy Duty Casters Wheels Rotate 360 degrees. Smooth & Silent & Sturdy.
» Polyurethane (PU) castor wheels offer the elasticity of rubber wheels combined
   with the toughness and durability of metal wheels.
» Safe for all floor types - Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels comes
   with a Loading Capacity of 200kg - (50Kg per Wheel)

» Standard Social Distancing Layout will be used when Floor Signs ordered

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